Cricket Stadiums in the United States.

There are a few cricket stadiums and grounds in the USA where cricket matches are held. Here are some notable cricket stadiums in the United States:

1. Central Broward Regional Park, Lauderhill, Florida: This is one of the premier cricket venues in the United States and has hosted numerous international matches, including T20Is. It features multiple cricket fields and has a seating capacity of around 5,000.
2. Smart Choice Moosa Cricket Stadium, Pearland, Texas: Located in the Houston metropolitan area, this stadium has hosted several high-profile domestic matches and has become a popular cricket venue in Texas. It has a seating capacity of around 2,500.
3. AirHogs Stadium, Grand Prairie, Texas: Primarily used for baseball, AirHogs Stadium has also hosted cricket matches. It is a multipurpose sports venue with a seating capacity of around 5,400.
4. Prairie View Cricket Complex, Prairie View, Texas: Located on the campus of Prairie View A&M University, this complex is a dedicated cricket facility with multiple cricket fields. It has been used for domestic and international matches and has a seating capacity of around 2,000.
5. Woodley Park Cricket Field, Los Angeles, California: Woodley Park is a public park that includes a cricket field and has been a popular venue for local cricket matches and tournaments in the Los Angeles area.

It's worth noting that cricket matches in the United States are often held in multi-purpose sports facilities, parks, or college grounds that are not solely dedicated to cricket. The availability and quality of cricket-specific infrastructure may vary across different states and regions within the USA.

Additionally, plans for the construction of dedicated cricket stadiums in the United States have been discussed and proposed in recent years, aiming to further develop and promote the sport in the country.

US Cricket Stadiums